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Do you often feel frustrated about not getting hired on Upwork despite having the right skills?

Have you ever sent several Proposals on Upwork that don’t convert into projects?

Are you having difficulty getting interviews because you don’t have enough work experience?

Or perhaps you want to get out of the beginner’s rate zone?

Does winning high-paying jobs and being successful on the best online freelancing platform seem impossible?

Do you often feel that you lack the ability or confidence to beat the competition and persuade high-paying clients to hire them on Upwork?

Freelancers with the right skills partnered with assertive bidding strategies can win high-paying projects in Upwork!

In addition, having the necessary Freelancer Toolkit will make you irresistible to clients.


DISCLAIMER: While I’m a Top Rated Plus Freelancer in Upwork, this course or tutorial is NOT endorsed by Upwork Global Inc. Likewise, TekWorx and TekWorx.Training are NOT affiliated with Upwork in any way.

A decisive Freelancer like you must be determined to succeed by having a well-prepared Freelancer Toolkit and assertive Upwork Bidding Strategies. Take a peek of some of my most recent wins. You, too, can learn how to Win in Upwork!


Hi! My name is Bert Padilla, and I’m an 8-Figure* Upwork Freelancer. I have been running my Freelancing business with Upwork since 2012. You can check out my profile here.

My first job on Upwork was a one-time project in which I was paid $35. I used to be just like any other online freelancer who started with a beginner’s rate and even took on projects that paid too low.

So I know just how frustrating it can be to have the right set of skills but still not getting noticed by high-paying clients on Upwork.

Working on Upwork has brought me to a realization that if I want to be successful and grow my freelancing career and business, I need to show the clients that my skills were worth more than just the beginner’s rate.

For years, I have developed and applied the same strategy on Upwork and now high-paying clients come to me.

In this course, I will be sharing the strategies and pro tips that I practice myself, in growing my Freelancing business and making it thrive continuously.

This course includes a step-by-step guide in Winning in Upwork. You will learn the following:


Branding Development (for Upwork Profile and Proposals)

It is important for Freelancers like you to effectively present yourself and your services as a “brand”. Included in this product is my Branding Development course which is about creating a fascinating and memorable identity for yourself. This identity should be reflected on your Upwork profile and proposals to leave a lasting impression on your potential clients and draw them in.

WordPress Site Development (for your Portfolio)

Many Freelancers do not have enough online presence. Hence, I’m including here my course on WordPress Site Development. Having a Portfolio Website will help you establish yourself as a professional in your chosen niche and enable you to market your services online. A Portfolio Website can boost your reputation and allow you another chance to impress prospective clients. When you have a portfolio website, consider it as your digital services storefront.

CRM and Email Marketing

Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that Freelancers can use to guide and manage all aspects of interactions with clients, prospects, and leads.
Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching out to potential clients. This strategy can be used to build brand awareness, build a relationship with your existing clients, as well as engage and convert prospective clients. I also included my CRM and Email Marketing course on this for you to learn how to do just that.

FREE Sample Proposal Templates

Creating a good impression on your prospective clients starts with a carefully crafted Proposal. Crafting a fascinating Proposal is a skill that must be learned as a Freelancer as it is your first interaction with a client. More often than not, the Proposal is your only chance to convince a client that you are the Freelancer that they need. This course includes Free Sample Proposal Templates to guide you in creating a Proposal that effectively grabs a client’s attention.

EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group with Mastermind

I understand you may need a support system that will help you guide through the process of Winning in Upwork. That said, when you Enroll in this program, you will have access to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group with fellow Upworkers and aspiring Upwork freelancers.

Learn all these tactics and strategies that allowed me to earn over 8-Figures in Upwork. Master the art of who, what, when, and where to bid and get your Proposal and your Freelancer profile noticed.

Enroll in this course to learn my secrets in Winning in Upwork. Plus you get the support and mentorship from me as well.

When you finish this course, you will:

  • Be more confident in bidding for high-paying projects
  • Learn how to establish yourself as a Pro in your chosen field with an impressive Portfolio Website
  • You will learn how to build a more attractive and impressive Upwork Profile
  • Learn how to craft a winning Upwork Proposal that effectively grabs a prospective client’s attention
  • Increase your chances of acquiring projects on Upwork

No longer will you have to:

  • Use up your connects on job listings that don’t convert into clients
  • Bid on low-paying projects and getting paid too low for your level of expertise
  • This course will help shift your freelancing career towards success.


This is an opportunity to transform yourself from a frustrated and diffident Freelancer into a highly sought-after Freelancer in the business with the potential to earn over 8-Figures on Upwork.

Do you have any questions, clarifications, or concerns? Feel free to send a message on Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, or contact me at 09173118020.


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