Before submitting Upwork proposal, Freelancers must understand first the KEY ELEMENTS in the PROJECT or JOB posts to successfully win projects in Upwork.

5 Key Elements to Check on Upwork Job Post Before Submitting a Proposal

On my previous tutorial “HOW to BID in Upwork as a PRO“, I gave away valuable tips on how to land a client in Upwork. Among those pointers were the Key Elements that you must check in the Project or Job posted before submitting Upwork proposal.

I discussed it starting at 07:25 to 28:53 of the full tutorial video which I have also embedded below. To watch the demo and walkthrough, simply enter the same password emailed to you upon purchase of the course.

Upwork KEY ELEMENTS Before Sending a PROPOSAL

For a Freelancer to successfully submit the winning proposal, they must understand first the following key points:


This refers to the job details.

Read the job description thoroughly and make sure it must be NOT vague. You cannot produce a decent output if the instructions are not specific.

Do self-audit, and ask yourself:

Can I do this Job?

Are the deliverables and tasks required by the client clearly indicated in the job description?

Is it the type of job that you’re passionate to do?

Be certain that you like the job or it is something that you would love to do. It is quite a grind when the job does not interest you.

Remember to go after a job that fits your skills and your experience. Avoid applying for a job just because it pays well. Don’t look down on low-paying jobs. Sometimes they are your link to bigger clients. Your chances to do outstanding work are higher when you work within your skill zone.

If this Element looks good, then go ahead and check Element #2 below. Otherwise, DECLINE.


What’s the Experience Level required for the job?

    • Entry Level – starting to build experience
    • Intermediate – a few years of professional experience
    • Expert – many years of experience doing complex projects

Always check if the experience level on your profile fits the job specification. Are you an Entry Level, Intermediate, or EXPERT level Freelancer?

Also, evaluate Time Commitment.

Jobs are time-bounded, and you have to commit to the client’s need as much as possible. Although this info usually changes, and you need to hear it straight from the client during the Interview, see to it that you check this element before applying.

PRO Tip:

Personally, I prefer bidding on Upwork projects with a few hours weekly commitment and would last only 1-3 months. This is so I can work with multiple clients at much higher rates.

Once you checked this Element and everything is good, go to Element #3.
Otherwise, DECLINE.

Element #3 – Your CHANCE of Getting HIRED

Check this Element to evaluate your chance of getting hired. This is important so that, somehow you have an assurance of not wasting time (or Connects!) on projects you’re unlikely to win.

In most cases in Upwork, I look at the following for this matter:

3.1 Job Activities

I normally don’t bid and submit Upwork proposal if the job is too crowded. The job post must only have a maximum of 10-20 proposals, otherwise, I won’t bid.

Also, check if the client is already interviewing Freelancers in Upwork. Normally, I find out if the client is already interviewing Freelancers or has viewed the Job in less than 24 hours. This indicates that the client is sincere about hiring a freelancer soon as he’s looking into it already.

If you are Invited to Interview, respond everytime and as soon as possible.

3.2 Client’s Preferred Location of Freelancer.

Clients usually specify the location of the Freelancer they wanted to work with. I’m from The Philippines and based on personal experiences though, I got hired several times already even if the clients specified countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

The point is, if the job posted suits your qualification and really interests you, then go for it. Even if the Philippines is not included as Freelancer’s location as indicated in the Job post, you can still apply, reach out to the client and talk about it.

If this Element is all good, go to Element #4.
Otherwise, DECLINE.

Element #4 – The CLIENT PROFILE

Here, we’re going to rate the client.

Confirm if any of the items mentioned below fits your client’s profile:

    1. Is the Client what’s in your “Client Avatar” or “Buyer Persona” — YES or NO?
    2. Is this the IDEAL Client you’d like to SERVE — YES or NO?
    3. Does the Client really spend on Talent and Pay well — YES or NO?
    4. Is the Client Rating 4.0 Star or Up (conditional if 3.5 Star) — YES or NO?
    5. Hire Rate – the client doesn’t consistently abandon job posts — YES or NO?
    6. Is Payment Method Verified – YES or NO?
    7. Are the Reviews from other Freelancers Good or Bad — YES or NO?

Got at least 4 YES’es? Then go to Element #5.
Otherwise, DECLINE.

Need more details to make a better decision for this? I have additional tips below.

It doesn’t matter if the client is new or a seasoned one in Upwork. I suggest you activate your “Detective Mode” to support your judgment. Pore over their Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. These are your friends and could help you choose and decide on your ideal client.

Element #5 – The BUDGET and BID RANGE

This is the last yet most important element you need to check before submitting Upwork proposal.

Review the Client’s Budget and assess if it’s reasonable or not. Now, “What is REASONABLE” should be based on your VALUE.

The Bid Range is for benchmarking only. Do not really use it to dictate yourself how much to bid in your proposal. Your instinct in different circumstances can help you decide on this.

So there you have it.

These key elements will help you make an informed decision on submitting a bid and proposal in Upwork that will increase your chances of winning the job.

Don’t be too desperate, it scares away potential clients.

Weigh the answer to each element wisely.

Choose jobs that give you a greater chance of being hired. Don’t waste your Connects.

Be smart, be savvy.

Clients want to hire Freelancers that they perceive as being in demand and successful. One who can deliver great work and real results.

WIN it in Upwork!

To further help you WIN it in Upwork, check this follow-up tutorial “Killer Upwork Proposal Tips this 2020 by an 8-Figure Freelancer”. See some personal tips on how to create a Killer Upwork Proposal that you can reflect on and gain inspiration from.

DISCLAIMER: While I’m a Top Rated Plus Freelancer in Upwork, this blog post is NOT endorsed by Upwork Global Inc. Likewise, TekWorx and TekWorx.Training are NOT affiliated with Upwork in any way.


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