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For Freelancers & Newbies

Are you decisive to become an online Freelancer? Or you’re already a Freelancer, but you feel the need to fill a gap in your digital and business skills? Continuing to upskill and implementing proven strategies and tactics help freelancers acquire good-paying projects and clients, or grow their freelancing business! Equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and tools needed to brighten your Online Freelancing career. Take actions and be mentored only by experienced, authentic, and assertive Freelancer like Bert Padilla.

WOFEX Manila 2019, Participants

For MSME & Business Owners

Are you missing out purposeful business opportunities by failing to transform to eCommerce and doing Digital? Stay informed and keep pace with your online competitors. Through TekWorx.Training, you’ll acquire knowledge and skills how to market products and services effectively. Learn from a Certified eCommerce Trainer how to build prospects, generate leads, and drive more sales online and offline!

7 Actionable Steps to a Scalable Freelancing Business

These 7 Steps are your FIRST STEP into Online Freelancing! This will serve as your Blueprint to guide you in your freelancing journey.

Learn Online Freelancing, Online Jobs, Homebased Jobs, Work-From-Home, or Whatever-You-Call-It from someone who really practices the craft in the Freelancing industry. :slightly_smiling_face:

Join me on the journey and let’s carve out the path you were meant to walk.

e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Bootcamp + Mastermind for Freelancers

Join TekWorx.Training online boot camp in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing for Freelancers or aspiring Freelancers.

This is an intensive 8-week online training, workshops, and 1-on-1 mentorships with Bert Padilla.

Participants get to enjoy a 1-month PAID apprenticeship with TekWorx.Digital and/or its partner-agencies.

there's so much you will learn!

eCommerce and Digital Marketing

With our digitally driven lifestyle, it is important to grab the customer’s attention. Build your digital marketing skills. Help your eCommerce business grow with our revenue-generating web strategies.

Ad Monetization for Mobile Web and Apps

Take advantage of your online presence and learn to monetize your mobile visitors. Ad monetization is the key to maximizing the revenue from your mobile web and apps. It can be quite lucrative if you know how to employ the right monetization strategies.

Facebook Business Manager

Are you handling multiple clients, with different Facebook Pages and Ad Accounts? On this course, Bert will teach you how to manage your Facebook Pages and Ads, while monitoring your business assets right within a single Business Manager account.

Web Traffic Generation

Creating a website is not enough, generating decent web traffic is. It's the lifeblood of any online business! More traffic, means more visitors, equals more customers and revenue opportunities. Learn from Bert his strategies on driving web traffic from any sources possible.

Blog Design and Development

Blogging started over 2 decades ago, and is still popular until now. Fresh, well-written contents with an eye-catching design is only one of the best ways to engage your audience. As a Pro-blogger himself, Bert will teach you more than that.

Display and Video Ads

Need to stand out and attract the attention of your target audience, as Advertiser? Or do you want your website to earn money, and at the same time diversify content, as Publisher? Learn how, in this display and video ads course.

Google Ad Manager

With Google Ad Manager, publishers can generate more ad revenue, regardless of how they sell their ad inventory. This course will teach you how this platform efficiently integrates programmatic advertising solutions to maximize ad yield, and overall ad monetization.

Tag Management and Analytics

The explosive growth in the digital industry has challenged marketers in managing the marketing tools available to them. This course will cover everything on how to create a solid Tag management (and analytics) system, and of course, use them to strategically manage digital marketing efforts with Data in mind.

Website and Blog Ad Monetization

Built an eye-catching website or blog that is getting a decent amount of traffic? It’s now time to really start making money with your online presence. Find out how with our Website and Blog Ad Monetization course.

Project Management and Productivity Tools

Do you find project management challenging? Did you know that there are a handful productivity tools to help you track down deliverables, analyze data and communicate with anxious clients? Bert will teach you how to use the best management tools to organize all those components into one coherent and effective delivery plan.

The Resource Person

Bert Padilla is a high-growth Mobile and Web Monetization and Ad Operations Specialist with over 10 years of in-depth experience in IT, Media and Publishing, and AdTech companies. He started his digital marketing career as Tech Blogger in 2008, receiving nominations and awards from local Blogging communities along the way.

Mr. Padilla is a tech entrepreneur currently operating TekWorx.Digital, through its ventures TekWorx, AdWorx, and BlogWorx. In 2018, he launched TekWorx.Training and in early 2019, he ventured on TekWorx.Hosting. His digital products and services help local and international clients, ranging from Entrepreneurs, MSMEs or SMBs, Startups, Publishers or Media Companies, among others.  

Bert Padilla is also a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He is part of the pool of trainers under the continuing Mentorship of Janette Toral. Janette is the owner of, a site which has contributed greatly in the area of Philippine eCommerce. She created training programs in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Virtual Assistance, Website Development, Personal Development, and more.
Bert is one of the Trainers for the country’s #DigitalJobsPH program (formerly Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training or RISTT) by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), where he teaches the comprehensive course, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, an intense 12 or 14 Days (of a 7-week period) training for Student-Freelancers, coupled with a 21-Day digital marketing campaign for Partner-MSMEs. He also teaches SEO / SEM and Advertising, Virtual Assistance, and Freelancing.
This DICT initiative is in-line with the digital industry trends and growth, not just in the country but also the world. The agency’s advocacy is to empower the local talent in the countryside with ICT-based knowledge and skills, to help address unemployment through online jobs and freelancing. Disadvantaged individuals, such as person with disabilities (PWDs) can then gain employment, without leaving the comfort of their home.

Digital Training Dumb Down to Participant’s Level for Easy Understanding

Seemed mild mannered at first to the point that the students were rather rowdy. But as the days went by and the lessons got more difficult ... EVERYBODY listened with respect ... the ADLIBBED LESSONS were terrifying. It made us ALL realized just how ignorant we all were. We had to FOCUS or be left behind. His grasp and mastery of the topic were on point ... and he knew how to dumb it down to our level. His patience sometimes wore thin but managed to hold on to his temper despite our shortcomings, as we did ours. He is always willing to help outside our "training hours"... admittedly sometimes hours or days after because of other commitments. He did seem to have favorites but tried hard to be fair. But most amazing of all was he got our respect, especially the boys by helping us, being our friend and scaring us with his grasp of the subject. Sir Bert, I am a frank person and I dislike bootlickers... so this is me being honest. Thank you to the nth power (from the bottom of my heart) ... ✌
RISTT Graduate - Medalist

What other People are Saying about Bert Padilla...

The trainer is very knowledgeable on each topic, he knows what to do, he make every trainees feel good and he encourage us to be a ninja someday. Like him!
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
He is very approachable, understanding and a good listener. He always answer our questions in a timely manner and the simplest way possible for us to understand well.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
The trainer made substantial effort in his desire to transfer his knowledge and he was generous to lend his expertise.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
It was a rare opportunity for me and for the other trainees as well. It really helps me to broaden my horizon and unlock some of my hidden skills.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
He is very good in handling the training. He was able to share some of his experiences to us as a freelancer.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
Patient and outgoing. He was able to share experiences that trainees can easily relate to and that did help for better understanding.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
He's professional in his field, turns many foreign terms into local, making it easy to understand, shares real-life situations and scenarios - preparing us in advance, and makes a recap always, ensuring we had the grasp of the topic.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City
Sir Bert was a really nice Trainer. Patient and Relax. I don't actually need to say all of his skills, let his achievements describe him.
RISTT Participant, Tagbilaran City

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