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WordPress Site Development and Security

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MSMEs who want to attractively portray themselves online, or aspiring Freelancers who wanted to start learning WordPress — this WordPress Website Development Course and Tutorial is for you. In this course, TekWorx.Training‘s Bert Padilla will talk about WordPress Site Development and Security, and demonstrate how to develop and design an eye-catching and secure WordPress website.

What you’ll get inside:

1. A detailed written overview of the course.
2. Polished recorded video and clips with captions.
3. Links to relevant WordPress Plugins.
4. Direct links to relevant websites and tools.
5. Mastermind videos

Most decisive Freelancers and entrepreneurs today choose WordPress to equip them with the necessary skills in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. Inside this product, you’ll get access to text contents and video tutorials specifically for WordPress Site Development and Security. It will help you learn and understand the basics of Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, SSL, WordPress, Themes, Plugins, and among others.

What you will learn in this Course?

Lesson 1: Why WordPress as E-Commerce Platform?
Lesson 2: About Domain Name
Lesson 3: The SSL
Lesson 4: About Web Hosting
Lesson 5: Domain Name Registration
Lesson 6: Pointing Domain Name to Web Server IP; Setting up CloudFlare and Changing DNS
Lesson 7: Installing WordPress CMS
Lesson 8: Installing WordPress Themes
Lesson 9: Installing WordPress Plugins
Lesson 10: Installing and Setting up SSL
Lesson 11: Sitemap and Wireframe for Web Designing
Lesson 12: Web Designing using OceanWP and Elementor

The above lessons are easy to understand with technically no coding required. It’s designed and delivered for assertive individuals like you who wanted to learn WordPress Site Development and Security the easy way!

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