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WordPress Maintenance and Recovery

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How safe is your WordPress site? Have you experienced working on it, only to have your access denied, or have it all vanish in an instant? Nothing is set in stone. An absentminded mouse click can erase all your hard work! But losing your WordPress site does not have to be permanent.

In this course, TekWorx.Training‘s Bert Padilla will show you how to maintain a website and work around backups and site recovery. This is especially helpful to newbies as Bert will do a step-by-step demonstration on the following:

  • WordPress security
  • Password manager
  • Optimize database
  • Do performance tests
  • How to fix 404 errors
  • Fix broken links
  • Analytics and tracking codes review
  • and many, many more!

Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, maintaining and managing a website is important. One of these days, this course with step-by-step tutorials on WordPress Maintenance and Backup Recovery may be crucial to saving your WordPress website. Don’t wait before it’s too late, know how to save your website by taking this course!