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Digital Marketing Campaign

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When you’re finished preparing a social media content plan, what do you need to do next?

Just post it directly on your social media channels? Not exactly!

A strategic digital marketing campaign differs from the usual social media posting because it has focus, targeting, and measurability.

As a Freelancer or Business Owner, you need to create a schedule to determine what content needs to be published at a certain date and time. You must be consistent and should be able to post the right content on specific days such as on weekends or holidays. Not having a calendar of activities can lead to confusion, frustration, and a lot of mistakes.

In this Digital Marketing (Part 1) course, TekWorx.Training‘s, Bert Padilla will teach you how to carry out a digital marketing campaign primarily on social media for your Freelancing or eCommerce business. Bert will show freelancers and business owners how to take target buyers or clients along the different stages of their journey.

He will also teach you how to balance your content with branding in mind. Because if you constantly talk about yourself, your followers will tune out.

Newbies, aspiring Freelancers, experienced Freelancers, and business owners can take this course. Learn as Bert discusses how to market your products or services to attract potential customers or clients, and ultimately close deals and drive sales!