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Content Creation – Blogs, Pages, Social Media

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In Digital Marketing, great content is the key as you promote products or services. This content must be read and heard across digital channels you’re using in your digital marketing strategy. Freelancers and business owners like you should know how to craft content that resonates and attracts your target Buyer Persona.

In this course, TexWorx.Training‘s Bert Padilla will teach you how content affects perception and influences decisions. Grab this chance to learn the tactics and strategies for creating great content. This course will cover the following important topics:

  • The Content Creation Process
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Creating a Content Plan
  • Best Practices in Content Creation
  • Blog Post Templates

A shrewd business owner or digital professional like you should know how to fascinate and engage your target customers and clients. Because the wrong content can drive away your prospects or even your regular customers and clients.