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7 Actionable Steps to a Scalable Freelancing Business

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If you aspire to embark on a freelance life and take your online career by storm then let me get you there.

These 7 Steps are your FIRST STEP into Online Freelancing! This will serve as your Blueprint to guide you in your freelancing journey.

Learn Online Freelancing, Online Jobs, Homebased Jobs, Work-From-Home, or Whatever-You-Call-It from someone who really practices the craft in the Freelancing industry.

Join me on the journey and let’s carve out the path you were meant to walk.


Hi, I am Bert Padilla, a candid father and husband from Cebu City, Philippines. I’m a Freelance Ad Ops for Publishers, Blogger, Content Creator, Technical Trainer, Digital Strategist, Technopreneur, and Owner of a reputable digital agency.

My story was just like any other wonder tale that started once upon a time and continued living happily ever after.

I used to work for esteemed industrial and semiconductor companies (Lexmark and Teradyne), but later realized that the 9-to-5 life wasn’t well cut for me. So I ventured on out of my intentional choice, took all the risks, and slayed dragons when I veered into the digital realms. It clearly rerouted my passion and profession and here and now I am relishing a life that sounds almost too good to be true. Suffice to say I have found some secret to life that nobody else knows about.