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Elevate your #DigitalLife through training, workshops, and mentorship with Bert Padilla. Learn unique ways of doing Online Freelancing, E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing. Acquire new skills, apply proven strategies, and execute real world tactics for yourself or your clients.​

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For Freelancers & Newbies

Are you decisive to become an online Freelancer? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here, you can transform yourself from being a Newbie, to a full-fledged online professional.

Already a Freelancer, but you feel the need to fill a gap in your digital and business skills? We’ve got you covered as well! Continuing to upskill and implementing proven strategies and tactics help freelancers acquire good-paying projects and clients, or grow their freelancing business!

Equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, tools, and support needed to brighten your Online Freelancing career. Take actions and be mentored only by experienced, authentic, and goal-oriented Freelancer like Bert Padilla.

Face-to-Face Training on eCommerce and Digital Marketing for Freelancers

Be a COMPETITIVE Freelancer like our members and trainees today...

Started as beginners or newbies, our trainees have leveled up their Freelancing careers by learning through our online courses and video tutorials that are based on real-world Freelancing experiences, and not plain theories.

Just like Bong and Faith…

TekWorx.Training Course Testimonials - Bong Quemado
"I already finished half of the courses and I already feel like I'm 10x smarter! If this is my takeaway from LearnAnyCourse, what more with the Mastermind sessions. I think that would really take a freelancer to another level."
TekWorx.Training Course Testimonials - Faith Joy Herrera
"I watched your interview in FOPSCo and the tips really worked for me. I just landed my 1st Upwork client today as a graphic designer. Thank you and keep inspiring more people."
WOFEX Manila 2019, Participants
Chatbot Development / Social Media Marketing Training for MSMEs

For MSME & Business Owners

Missing out opportunities because you are failing to transform your business to eCommerce and you don’t adapt Digital Marketing yet? Stay informed and keep pace ahead of your online competitors.

Through TekWorx.Training, you’ll discover and acquire knowledge and skills how to market products and services online, effectively.

Learn from a Certified eCommerce Trainer how to generate marketing qualified leads, build sales qualified prospects, and drive more revenues online and offline!

UNLOCK your business potential with E-Commerce and Digital Marketing...

Non-techy business owners and MSMEs couldn’t just ignore the power of the internet to drive sales and increase revenues. Transform your business to E-Commerce, and leverage digital marketing strategies that you can easily learn from our simple-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials.

Just like Jeremiah…

He’s a Tire Salesman, but able to put his own E-Commerce website by following our guides.

"To those people who asked me how I created saverstiresupply.com website. Here's my answer: I just followed the tutorials my friend Bert Padilla sent me. Invested time and effort and a very little amount which is just Php 3,000 for the web hosting."

How much do you need to INVEST?

That's the best part because your investment here is NOT a lot. It's only a fraction of how much you can get in return. With a single freelancing project if you are a Freelancer, or a single sale from your online store if you are a business owner -- you already got your ROI!

You, however, will need to invest sufficient time and effort. While our courses and tutorials are easy to learn and digest, it's not a magic pill. But if you are an action taker, then you're about to make the best investment through TekWorx.Training!

Php 1,490 ONLY!

#LearnWithBert - Your Main Resource Person

Have yourself trained by an authoritative and opinionated Trainer like Bert Padilla. He doesn’t claim himself as a “GURU” because he is not as such. He is simply an authentic coach and mentor from Cebu, Philippines, with passion and advocacy for Digital Jobs and Online Freelancing in the Philippines. He is a sought-after Resource Person in the areas of E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Online Freelancing.

As a Freelancer, Bert Padilla is a high-growth Mobile and Web Monetization and Ad Operations Specialist with over 12 years of in-depth experience in IT, Media and Publishing, and AdTech companies. At the age of 22 in 2008, he started his digital marketing career as Tech Blogger, receiving nominations and awards from local Blogging communities along the way.

Today, Bert is a tech entrepreneur currently operating TekWorx.Digital, through its ventures TekWorx, AdWorx, and BlogWorx. In 2018, he launched TekWorx.Training and in early 2019, he ventured on TekWorx.Hosting. His digital products and services help local and international clients, ranging from Entrepreneurs, MSMEs or SMBs, Startups, Publishers or Media Companies, among others.  

Bert Padilla is also a Certified E-Commerce Trainer. He is part of the pool of trainers under the continuing Mentorship of Ms. Janette Toral. 

Janette has been dubbed as the “Mother of E-Commerce in the Philippines”, and she has contributed greatly in the area of Philippine eCommerce.
Bert is also one of the veteran Trainers, and at the same time Course Developer and Training Assessor for the country’s #DigitalJobsPH program (formerly Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training or RISTT) by the Department of Information and Communications Technology or DICT. The DigitalJobsPH Technical Training (DJT) program empowers the local talent in the countryside with ICT-based knowledge and skills, to help address unemployment through online jobs and freelancing. Disadvantaged individuals, such as person with disabilities (PWDs) can then gain employment, without leaving the comfort of their home.
For DJT, Bert teaches the comprehensive course, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, as well as SEO / SEM and Advertising, Virtual Assistance, WordPress Website Development, and Freelancing.

Worried about being a NEWBIE? No Problem!

We dumb down our digital training to participant’s level for EASY understanding. Just like Ma’am Ador, a government employee, who was 56 years old when she joined the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing training. Initially worried because she started with basic internet and MS office skills. But now, she’s already well-versed in digital marketing. She’s currently doing online freelancing while waiting for her retirement. 

Here’s what she can say about Coach Bert…

"Seemed mild mannered at first to the point that the students were rather rowdy. But as the days went by and the lessons got more difficult. EVERYBODY listened with respect. The ADLIBBED LESSONS were terrifying. It made us ALL realized just how ignorant we all were. We had to FOCUS or be left behind. His grasp and mastery of the topics were on point... and he knew how to dumb it down to our level.

His patience sometimes wore thin, but managed to hold on to his temper despite our shortcomings, as we did ours. He is always willing to help outside our "training hours"... admittedly sometimes hours or days after because of other commitments. He did seem to have favorites, but tried hard to be fair. But most amazing of all was he got our respect, especially the boys by helping us, being our friend and scaring us with his grasp of the subject. Sir Bert, I am a frank person and I dislike bootlickers... so this is me being honest. Thank you to the nth power (from the bottom of my heart)..."
DICT's DJT 2019 Graduate - Medalist

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It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or experienced, young or old, TekWorx.Training is for everybody.

Just like Ma'am Ador, Bert and the TekWorx.Training team will guide you through all the way.

Bootcamps and Masterminds

Looking for a 1-on-1 or Group training? Our Bootcamp and Mastermind programs might be suitable for you! These are online boot camps designed for Freelancers, aspiring Freelancers, Business Owners or MSMEs.

eComm and DM Bootcamp

Equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills in eCommerce and Digital Marketing. Learn how to build an E-Commerce business, execute a Digital Marketing strategy, and offer it as a Freelancing service for clients.

WordPress Web Dev and Freelancing

Bert teaches you WordPress Website Development with NO CODING at all. He will help you acquire Web Development skills, and position on this niche, complete with winning project proposals and templates.

Winning in Upwork MASTERMIND

Learn Bert Padilla's Upwork strategies that allow him to earn over 8-FIGURES in Freelancing (and counting!).


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