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Bert Padilla


Win in Upwork with this full video course, PLUS effective Upwork proposal templates.

Watch the EXCLUSIVE tutorial video and see actual DEMOs of Bert Padilla’s winning Upwork Bidding Tactics and Strategies.



Upwork remains the best Freelance platform in the market today. Period!

And this mini-course might just transform your Freelancing career!

Do you want to hear my own project-bidding strategy that allows me to earn over 8-Figures in Freelancing (and counting!) right there in Upwork alone?

Not all Freelancers are able to score high-paying clients and projects in Upwork they surely love.

Other Freelancers may downplay this platform by saying things like:

1. competition is tough and it’s hard to win projects in Upwork;
2. there’s a “race to the bottom” issue because of Freelancers bidding super-low rates;
3. paying for “Connects” for you to be able to bid on projects is horrible;
4. Upwork fees on Freelancers are total ripped off;
5. the platform is client-biased;

…and among other things not on their favor.


Those same Freelancers are STILL YET TO FIND SUCCESS WITH Upwork!

As a savvy, experienced, and professional Online Freelancer, I can say maybe these Freelancers are simply not doing it right when bidding for jobs and projects in Upwork.

Hi there, my fellow freelancer! 

My name is Bert Padilla, and I’m an 8-Figure Upwork Freelancer. I have been running my Freelancing business with Upwork since 2012. You can check out my profile here.

I know just how confusing and frustrating it can be to have the right set of skills but still not get noticed by employers and clients on Upwork. In this course, I will be sharing the strategies and pro tips that I practice myself, in growing my Freelancing business and making it thrive continuously.

Do you often get confused or frustrated about not getting hired on Upwork despite having the right skills?

Have you ever sent several Proposals on Upwork and still not get noticed? 

Are you having difficulty getting interviews because you don’t have enough work experience?

Or perhaps you want to get out of the beginner’s rate zone?

Anybody with the right skills partnered with assertive bidding strategies can win high-paying projects in Upwork!

Take a peek at some of my most recent wins below. You, too, can learn how to Win in Upwork!

Some of My Previous Wins

This course gives you a step-by-step guide in Winning in Upwork. You will learn the following:

  • My own Upwork Bidding Strategies
  • Key Elements to Check on a Job Post Before Submitting a Proposal
  • Upwork Proposal Tips
  • FREE Templates of my own Winning Upwork Proposals 

Learn all these strategies I’m doing that allow me to earn over 8-Figures in Upwork. Master the art of who, what, when, and where to bid and get your Proposal and your Freelancer profile noticed.

Enroll in this course to learn my secrets in Winning in Upwork. Plus you get the support and mentorship from me as well.

Let this course transform you from being a frustrated freelancer into a successful Freelancer with the potential to earn over 8-Figures on Upwork as well!

A decisive Freelancer like you must be determined to succeed by having a well-prepared Freelancer Toolkit and assertive Upwork Bidding Strategies. 

Just like some of the other freelancers below…

What other Upwork Freelancers Say About It?

I created this course because fellow Filipino freelancers, especially my trainees, asked for it.  

What I shared here are exactly the Upwork bidding strategy I’m doing to let my Freelancing business grow and thrive continuously.

Watch and learn, apply the lessons from it, and this course might just transform your Freelancing business right there in Upwork! 


DISCLAIMER: While I’m a Top Rated Plus Freelancer in Upwork, this course or tutorial is NOT endorsed by Upwork Global Inc. Likewise, TekWorx and TekWorx.Training are NOT affiliated with Upwork in any way.

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